Essential Bookkeeping provides accurate and reliable financial recordkeeping for small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits. With our attention to detail and expertise in a variety of industries, we are able to maintain up-to-date and accurate financial statements, reconcile accounts, and track income and expenses. By providing this timely and accurate financial information, you are able to analyze your businesses' financial health, identify areas for improvement, and make strategic decisions. While we are not a CPA firm, we do work closely with your CPA for yearly tax planning and tax filings.

Business Success

Our Services

  • Maintain Accounts Payable

  • Maintain Accounts Receivable

  • Reconcile Bank and Credit Card Statements

  • Prepare Invoicing and/or Statements

  • Prepare Progress Invoicing

  • Manage Inventory Accounting

  • Maintain Detailed General Ledgers

  • Prepare Payroll and Make Tax Payments

  • File 940/941 Payroll Reports

  • Complete Year End W2/W3 Filings

  • Complete Year End 1099/1096 Filings

  • Prepare Monthly Financial Statements

  • Prepare Customized Reports

  • Complete Sales Tax Filings

  • Complete State and Local Tax Filings

  • QuickBooks or Xero Setup & Cleanup

  • Compile Tax Data for CPA

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We provide full-charge bookkeeping, which includes, but is not limited to the following.